Questionnaire Preparation

In order to prepare a questionnaire a lot of factors are required to be considered. A few of those are –

  • The focus group – the group of respondents who will fill the questionnaire
  • The issue or the topic of the questionnaire – the range is vast, from market research of the sales performance of a consumer goods product to a sociological action research survey
  • Whether the questionnaire is respondent-completed or interview-administered

Preparation of questionnaire depends profusely on the points mentioned above. The structure, style and the overall format of the questions are influenced by these factors.

There are two crucial points that should be accounted for at the time of preparing a questionnaire. They are –

  • Explaining in brief the purpose of questionnaire in case of respondent-completed requirement.
  • Space for recording the name and contact details of the respondents for future correspondence.

The general dictum for any questionnaire is that the questions should be short and direct. In this manner the concerned persons who write the answers find it convenient to reply as there is less space for misinterpretation. It is also important to see that there are no typos and/or grammatical errors in the questions.

In preparing questionnaire that is interview-administered, few of the basic points to be taken into account are –

  • The fundamentals of the technical knowhow of the respondent are tested at the first half of the questionnaire.
  • It is not uncommon to keep few questions that require a concise explanation.

The factors specified above are some underlying facts to be seen for a standard questionnaire preparation.

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