Questionnaire Design Form

A questionnaire design form is a structured technique to gather data on a certain topic through a series of questions. These forms are intended to get information from the consumers or users, and this information can be utilized by the company’s to identify their target audience, to develop their marketing strategies as per customer’s requirements and to improvise their products and services.

Sample Questionnaire Design Form:

Personal Information

Name of Participant









Q1 Do you use a mobile phone?

Yes            No

Q2 Which of these brands of mobile phones have you used or are currently using?

Please check not more than two.

  • Samsung
  • Sony Ericson
  • Apple
  • Nokia
  • LG
  • Other

Q3 What type of mobile phone are you currently using?

Please check only one

  • Smart Phone with Android
  • Apple smart phone
  • Touch Screen phone
  • A normal mobile phone without smart features

Q4 Do you prefer to use internet browsing features in your mobile phone?

Yes            No

Q5 Which of the following attributes do you always look for in a mobile phone?

(Please check 2-3 attributes)

  • Brand’s market value
  • Brand’s customer service
  • Pricing of the brand
  • Brand warranty and replacement
  • Brand advertising and image
  • Smart phone apps
  • Pre-installed social networking site software
  • Music Quality
  • Battery backup
  • Camera quality

Q6 Where do you prefer buying your brand from?

  • Brand specific store
  • Multi-brand store
  • Any store
  • Online stores

Q7 What kind of new applications or features do you want your mobile phone to support?

Signature of Participant


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