Quantitative Investment Questionnaire

A quantitative investment questionnaire is a questionnaire that can be used to analyse the investment assets of individuals and business quantitatively. This helps in tracking and improving the asset quality in the portfolio.

Sample Quantitative Investment Questionnaire:

First Name: _______________________ Last Name: _______________________________

Full Address: _______________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________

Email id: _____________________________

Age: _____________

Q1. Please tick the options that represent your investment goals?

a)   Compounding wealth

b)   Future financial plans like home, education, etc

c)   Planning for a secure retirement

d)   Others ________________________________________

Q2: What is your expected time horizon of achieving your financial goals?

a)   Less than 3 years

b)   3 – 6 years

c)   6 – 12 years

d)   More than 12 years

Q2: Please tick the option that rightly signifies your kind of job

a)   Own business

b)   Government service

c)   Private employee

d)   Others, please mention _______________________________________

Q3: To which of the following ranges does your gross salary belong?

a)   Below $5000

b)   $5000 – $20000

c)   $20000 – $45000

d)   More than $45000

Q4: What percentage of the income generated out of investment will you reinvest?

a)   < 10%

b)   10% – 25%

c)   25% – 50%

d)   More than 50%

Q5: What percentage of investment that you put into various avenues can you forego as a part of risk?

a)   < 10%

b)   10 – 20%

c)   20 – 30%

d)   More than 30%

Q6: What kind of investments do you currently opt for?

a)   A mix of risky and risk-free investments

b)   Only risky investments

c)   Only risk – free investments

d)   None

Q7. Do you consider yourself experienced in investing in risky assets?

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   Don’t know

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