Public Relations Questionnaire

A public relations questionnaire is a written document which is used to know about the public relations strategies of different organisations or companies. These documents consist of multiple questions which are aimed at knowing about the public relations and the view of the organisation about the importance of public relations. Any such document can be quite useful for evaluating different responses and thus coming on the common conclusion about this topic.

Sample Public Relations Questionnaire:

Name of organisation: _________________

Address of head office: ____________ zip code: ______________

State: _______________ country: _______________________

Contact number of organisation: ____________________

Email address: _____________________

Name of public relations manager of organisation: __________________

Contact number: ________________

Email address: ___________________

Please answer the following questions about you and your public relations.

Q1. Which of the following means do you use to promote your company?

a)   Print media

b)   TV ads

c)   Contests

d)   Surveys

e)   Speeches and functions

f)    Radio ads

g)   Company blogs

h)   Social networking websites

i)     Other( please mention)

Q2. Which of the following methods have you used in the past?

a)   Advertising agency

b)   Marketing consultancy

c)   Public relations agency

d)   Web marketing techniques

e)   Other(please mention)

Q3. Describe your company in 3-5 words.


Q4. What is the first and primary message what you want to convey to your customers?

_________________________________________________ well do you think your company fairs in comparison to other companies?


Q6. Which according to you is the best way to communicate with your clients and customers so that they are convinced?


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