Project Feedback Questionnaire

A project feedback questionnaire is generally used at the middle or end of the duration of the project such that appropriate steps can be taken to overcome the weaknesses of the project and come up with much better delivery.

Sample Project Feedback Questionnaire:

Name:                               _____________________________

Address:                    _____________________________

Phone Number:           _____________________________

Email address:                    _____________________________

Name of the project:           ______________________________

Q1: For what duration were you associated with the project?


Q2: How many people were involved in the project?


Q3: How was the project task allocation done among the team members?

a)   Random allocation

b)   Depending on the choice of the team members

c)   Depending on the skill of the team members

d)   First come first serve basis

e)   Not sure

f)    Other, please mention ________________________________________________

Q4: How often were team meetings held?

a)   Daily

b)   Once in a week

c)   Once in a fortnight

d)   Once in a month

e)   As and when required

Q5: Did the team work from a single location or were the team members scattered across locations?

a)   Single location

b)   Multiple locations

Q6: What was the mode of taking updates on the project?

a)   Daily status update mails

b)   Common shared folder

c)   Meetings and discussions

d)   Others, please mention _______________________________________________

Q7: How often was the team able to reach conclusive decisions on project related issues?

a)   Most of the time

b)   Sometimes

c)   Rarely

d)   Never

e)   Can’t say

Q8: How do you rate project milestone delivery on the whole course of the project?

a)   Very timely

b)   Just on time

c)   Lagging behind scheduled delivery timelines

d)   Never able to reach the timelines

Q9. Provide your views on practical suggestions to improve the performance of the team in the project


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