Product Survey Questionnaire

A product survey questionnaire is an effective tool to assess the view of consumers about a particular product. Such a product survey questionnaire can be initiated online and manually by the companies to gather the feedback direct from the purchasing end. After accessing the collective feedback, some important selling policies and marketing strategies are made to boost the product performance & consumption.

Sample Product Survey Questionnaire:

Name: ______________________

Age: ________________     Date of Birth: ____/____/____

City: _______________, State: _____________, ZIP: _____________

Working Phone Number: ___________________________________

Email id: ________________________________________________

Q1. How did you find the latest range of our skin care products?

  • Very good
  • Good
  • Satisfactory
  • Average

Q2: How often do you use our skin care product?

  • Regularly
  • As per instructed
  • Sometimes
  • Do not use much

Q3: Mention any three reason that why would you like to choose our product over others?


Q4: Mention the name of other products from our brand that you would like to use with this new skin care product to get wonderful skin?


Q5: Do you find the price of our products as par with the quality delivered?


Q6: What do you like the most about our products?


Q7: How did you prefer to buy the product? Choose an appropriate option:

  • Online
  • Order from nearest cosmetic shop
  • Manually

Q8: Would you like to continue with our product in the future?

  • Yes. Sure
  • May be yes
  • No

Q8: Your suggestions are valuable to us. Please let us know if you wish to see any changes or improvements in our products?


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