Product Research Questionnaire

Product research is one of the most crucial aspects of marketing, without which it is impossible to understand the characteristics of the product or service that has to be launched within a group or a target market. A product research questionnaire helps markets to identify the need of their target audience and develop the product in a way that will not only be beneficial to them but also help the organization in the long run.

Sample Product Research Questionnaire:

Name: ____________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Date of Birth: (DD/MM/YY) __________________________________________________

Email Id: ________________________________________

Phone number: ________________________________________________

1. What was your initial opinion regarding the product?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Average

d) Poor

e) Very Poor


2. How were you contacted regarding this test marketing?

a) By Telephone

b) By Email

c) By Newsletters

d) Other


3. How often do you think you would use this product in the span of one year?

a) Once a week

b) 2-3 times a week

c) Once a month

d) 2-3 times a month

e) 2-3 times in a year

f) Never

4. Do you think the pricing of the product fits your budget? Or is it:

a) Unaffordable

b) Slightly expensive

c) Affordable

d) Cheap

e) Very cheap


5. Would you be interested in buying the product in future if it suits your budget?

a) Yes

b) Maybe

c) No


6. Please mention the three best features of the product


7. Please mention the three features you liked least


8. Where would you prefer to buy the product from?

a) Online store

b) Local mall

c) Stand-alone outlet


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