Product Requirement Questionnaire

A product requirement questionnaire is a cost-effective medium to know the product stipulations which stem from the needs & expectation of a customer. Product requirement questionnaire helps to convert it into specified portfolio & specifications to make it more efficient. It will not just have a clear picture on product requirement but this study also helps to target new prospects & capitalize the product growth.

Sample Product Requirement Questionnaire:

Company Name: ___________________________________________________

Product Name: _____________________________________________________

Contact Name: _____________________________________________________

Address & phone no: ________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________

1. Give a brief overview of your product requirement?


2. What are your expectations from this product?


3. Have you ever used similar product before?

a) If yes, please mention: ___________________________________________

4. From which medium did you come to know about this product?


5. How often you require this product?

a) Mention the requirement:


6. Since how many months / years you are using this product?


7. What are the areas of requirement of this product?

a). Single Purpose

b). Multiple purposes

8. How does this product meet your requirements?


9. What are the areas of improvement that you suggest for this product?


a). Price

b). Quality

c).package design

d). Accessibility

e). None

10. What is your preferred mode of delivery of the product?


11. Would you prefer to order this product in bulk if you are provided special offer?

a).If yes, then what would be your maximum requirement: _________________

b) If no, why: _______ ______________________________________________

12. Would you prefer to buy this product online for your convenience?

____ _____________________________________________________________

13. Have you recommended this product to anybody?


14. How would you rate this product?

a). Poor

b). Satisfactory

c). Good

d). Very good

e). Excellent

f). Outstanding

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