Product Pricing Questionnaire

Product pricing is one of the 4 main P’s of marketing, and giving your product the right price is essential to read your target market and their needs. A product pricing questionnaire helps the marketer to understand their consumer’s needs, if they are satisfied with the current pricing of the product and if there needs to be any change in the current pricing strategy.

Sample product pricing questionnaire

Name: ____________________________________________

Age: ______________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

1. Are you a regular marketer? How much do you spend monthly on purchasing?


2. How often do you purchase (product name)?


3. What do you think is a reasonable price for this product?


4. Do you agree that the current price for the product is feasible / affordable for you?


5. Would you pay more or less than you’re currently paying for this product? Please mention the average price range you would pay.


6. At what price range would the product being to look too cheap and lose its value according to you?


7. Similarly, at what price range would the product become unnecessarily expensive?


8. What would make you pay more for this product? Choose from below

a) Extra features

b) Special discounts

c) Extended warranty

d) Customer service

e) Any other (please mention)


9. Out of the following which option describes you?

a) I am regular customer

b) I am buying this as a substitute

c) This is a one-time buy only


10. Would you come back and purchase this product if it is your first experience?


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