Product Management Questionnaire

A product management questionnaire helps an organization to understand how best they can manage the processes involved right from creating a product to the marketing and sales of the product. This type of questionnaire is normally filled by employees of the organization and helps the organization in deriving a feedback and inputs on improvement.

Sample Product Management Questionnaire:

Name of the employee: _____________________

Designation: ______________________________

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Email Address: _____________________

Q1.  Will the implementation of a product management process benefit the organization?


Q2.  Will the implementation of a product management process benefit the product?


Q3.  Does the product management process require different stages?


Q4.  Which of the following stages do you propose?

  • Concept stage
  • Blueprint stage
  • Creation stage
  • Augmentation stage
  • Testing stage
  • Improvement stage
  • Marketing stage
  • Final Launch stage

Q5.  Do you feel that our product management should rely only on data?

  • Yes
  • No

Q6.  Who will benefit the most from product management?

  • The customers
  • The product
  • The industry
  • The investors
  • The market

Q7.  Which of the following departments should make the decisions regarding product management?

  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Design and development
  • Manufacturing
  • All departments should have equal role in decision making

Q8.  Should the product management policies be open or closed?

  • Open
  • Closed

Q9.  Which of the following should be considered before drafting a product management plan?

  • Competition
  • Competitor’s product management plan
  • Customer’s demand
  • Pricing
  • Market demand vs supply
  • Similar products
  • Available Resources
  • Capital investment

Q10.  How important is the role of the project management team to the process?


Q11.  What hurdles do you feel that the perceived product management process might face?


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