Premarital Questionnaire

Premarital questionnaire are written inquires that are made to couples who plan to get married. These types of questionnaires are usually issued by churches or matrimonial agencies. They are aimed at evaluating the individuals understanding of marriage, expectations from relationships, family plans etc. This activity is done to ensure the longevity of marital relationships.

Sample Premarital Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions as fully and honestly as possible. Each one of the spouse needs to complete this questionnaire and produce the completed document at the time of premarital counseling. You are free to work out the answers with your partner.

Your Name:                _______________________________________________

Your Partner’s Name:   _______________________________________________

Age:                  _______________________________________________

Contact(s):         _______________________________________________

  1. How long have you known your partner?
  2. How long had you been dating?
  3. What role does the physical appearance of your fiancée play in your relationship?
  4. Has your relationship with your partner undergone stress anytime in the past? How did you manage it out?
  5. What are your current religious views?
  6. Does your partner complement your religious and/or political views?
  7. Do you plan to raise children? If yes then how many? How long do you want to wait before your first child is born?
  8. How is your relationship with your parents?
  9. Do they approve of your partner?
  10. Are your parents divorced / separated?
  11. What is the source of your livelihood?
  12. Is your partner aware of your job?
  13. Are you covered by any medical, property or other insurances?
  14. Do you need to clear any financial debt? If so, does your partner know of it?
  15. Where do you wish to live after you get married?
  16. What expectations do you have from your partner?

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