Pervasive Developmental Disorder Questionnaire

Pervasive Development Disorder Questionnaire is an extremely useful measure through which a therapist can analyze the intensity and level of this problem on a patient who seems to be suffering from this disorder. This disorder is characterized by delays in several multiple basic function of a child including problem in communication and socialization.

This disorder is mainly seen among children up to the age of three years, so parents need to attain this questionnaire properly so that it helps the therapist in proper diagnosis.

Sample Pervasive Development Disorder Questionnaire

Name of the child: _______________________________

Age: ______                   Sex: ________

Date: __________

Answer in YES / NO /SOMETIMES:

1)   Does you child face difficulty in crowded places? ________

2)   Does your child make inappropriate facial expressions that do not fit to the situations? _________

3)   Is he/ she has lack of ability to intimate with his/ her peers? _______

4)   Is your child gets scared often and shows abnormal expression of joy on seeing parents around? __________

5)   Does he/ she shows extreme irritation suddenly and shouts loudly than normal voice? ___________

6)   Does your child often play in an abnormal imaginary or symbolic way? ____________

7)   Does your child often face loss of acquired speech? ___________

8)   Does your child face problem in speaking long phrases and uses repetitive languages? _____________

If maximum answers are (Yes) then you are already too late and your child needs immediate diagnosis to get rid of a persisting problem in future.

If most of them are (No) then you can stay without worry unless any other problem creeps up.

If most of the answers are (Sometimes) then you must consult a therapist soon.

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