Personality Type Questionnaire

A personality type questionnaire is the effective way to judge the personality of an individual. This questionnaire is based on simple behavioural questions, and the gathered feedback is used by the experts to conduct the studies and researches.

Sample personality Type Questionnaire:

Name: __________________

Date of Birth: ___/____/____    Age: _______

Employment Number: _____________________

Designation: __________________________

Department: __________________________

Q1: How do you rate your energy level?

  • Have high energy
  • Good
  • Have quiet energy

Q2: Where do you consume your energy the most?

  • In conversation
  • In fact investigation
  • Think out loud
  • Work with speed

Q3: Define your personality?

  • Introvert
  • Extrovert
  • Average

Q4: During your official work & meetings what do you prefer the most?

  • Talk more than listen
  • Listen more than talk
  • Think then act
  • Act, and then think

Q5: What kind of information often you notice and remember for a long time?


Q6: Which is your biggest strength during handling some important project?

  • Focus, details and specifications
  • Admire the practical solutions
  • Focus over possibilities
  • Admire creative ideas
  • Trust the actual experience

Q7: How do you jump to the conclusion?

  • Compile the facts & then decide
  • Decide by considering profits & losses
  • Value harmony & compassion
  • Think analytical and then decide

Q8: Mention the type and details of the environment that makes you more comfortable?


Q9: Would you like to mention anything else about your personality to provide us an overview?


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