Personality Test Questionnaire

Personality test questionnaire is the best way through which one can judge the kind of personality one has.  Through this questionnaire one can also modify personality if required. Therefore, this sometimes stands to be an effective evaluation for judging personality in depth.

Sample Personality Test Questionnaire


Name: ____________________________________    Age: _____

Sex: _________                     Test taken on: _______________

Answer in YES/NO/Sometimes

I find myself to be someone who…..

1)   Generally find faults with others. ______________

2)   Remains depressed. ___________

3)   Hates social gathering and kind of reserved.  _____________

4)   Usually curious about various things going around. _____________

5)   Is always full of energy and comes up with new ideas. __________

6)   Easily starts quarrelling with others. ______________

7)   Is a deep thinker or ingenious. _______________

8)   Gets worried very easily. ______________

9)   Tends to be very lethargic. ____________

10)                Do not get upset easily and emotionally stable. ________________

11)               Feels difficult to open up and is inhibited. _____________

12)                Gets nervous easily and suffer from hypertension. ___________

13)               Comes up with artistic or authentic ideas. __________

14)               Gets distracted very fast. ___________

If most of your answers are (YES) then you are kind of person who feels difficult to interact and kind of introvert. Therefore you need to change your personality as being reserved always stops you from interacting with people.

If most of your answers are (No) then you are quite an easy going person.

If most of your answers are (Sometimes) then you are a person actually don’t know how to react with the situation or not enough strong willed.

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