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A personality questionnaire can be a helpful tool in finding out which career you are most suited for.  The more suited you are to a career based on your personality the less likely you are to burn out or quit.  You will find that a career that thrives on your type of personality will make you feel more rewarded, appreciated and valued.  You will be happier going to work because you are doing that which suits your personality the most.  Successful people are in careers that need their type of personality and it’s not a struggle to go to work.

Sample Personality Questionnaire Career

Name of respondent: ______________________________________________________

Where do you love to spend most of your time?

Indoors: ________________________________________________________________

Outdoors: _______________________________________________________________

Which would you prefer when it comes to activities?

Surprises: _______________________________________________________________

Planned out before- hand: __________________________________________________

When it comes to confrontations which are you?

Actively challenge: _______________________________________________________

Shy off: _________________________________________________________________

Ignore: _________________________________________________________________

When it comes to presentations before a group of people, which statement best describes you?

Thrive at the attention: _____________________________________________________

Be quick and direct to the point: _____________________________________________

Share this responsibility with someone else: ____________________________________

Avoid such situations at all costs: ____________________________________________

Which do you prefer to work with?

Words: _________________________________________________________________

Images: _________________________________________________________________

Numbers: _______________________________________________________________

Figures: ________________________________________________________________

How would you describe yourself when it comes to many assignments?

Delegate them to others: ___________________________________________________

Work with others: ________________________________________________________

Work on them myself: _____________________________________________________

Do what I can: ___________________________________________________________

Which would you prefer?

Career involving travel: ____________________________________________________

Career with upward mobility: _______________________________________________

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