Personality Profile Questionnaire

A personality profile questionnaire is an appropriate process of assessing the character of an individual filling up the questionnaire. The questionnaire helps to assess the character and attitude of the person. The questions included in the questionnaire are based on the patience and tolerance level of the individual and also gives an understanding of the person’s ability to handle stress. This questionnaire benefits all those individuals who want to assess the personality.

 Sample Personality Profile Questionnaire

Name: __________________

Address: Street address _____________ City _______________ State ____________ Post code ________

Contact number: ______________

Mobile number: ______________

Gender: ______________

Are you lively as an individual?

a)      Very lively

b)      lively

c)      Somewhat lively

d)     Not lively

Do you have a convincing personality?

a)      Yes, I am very convincing

b)      I am somewhat convincing

c)      No, I am not convincing at all

How free spirited are you as a person?

a)      Very free spirited

b)      Somewhat free spirited

c)      Not free spirited at all

Do you consider yourself sociable?

a)      I am very sociable

b)      I am a very private person

Are you competitive in nature?

a)      I love taking competition

b)      I am not competitive at all

Do you consider yourself as a positive person?

a)      Yes, I am a very positive person

b)      No, I am a very negative person

How sensitive are you towards feelings?

a)      Very sensitive

b)      Somewhat sensitive

c)      Not sensitive at all

How would you rate your tolerance level?

a)      Excellent

b)      Good

c)      Average

d)     Bad

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