Personality Inventory Questionnaire

The personality inventory questionnaire helps people describe their personality types through a set of questions that assess their temperament. The questionnaire does this by gauging a person’s level of discouragement, emotional attachment, need for control and how one compares him/herself with others. The questionnaire also gauges a person’s trusting ability, his/her abilities to formulate original or unique thoughts and his/her creativity levels. In addition, the person inventory questionnaire gauges a person’s awareness of their vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Through the questionnaire, a person is able to determine his/her level of sensitivity, suspicion and trust towards other people. Below is a sample:

Personality Inventory Questionnaire

Rate the following characteristics of your personality with numbers 1 (strongly agree) to 5 (strongly disagree).

1.I am a talkative and easy to make friends ___________

2.I always find faults with my friends and associates ___________

3.I am thorough  with everything I do ___________

4.I am quickly depressed by people and situations ___________

5.I am a creative, free-thinker who experiments with almost everything ___________

6.I perceive myself as a reserved person___________

7.I am unselfish and helpful to other people around me ___________

8.I am careful when handling matters ___________

9.I am capable of handling stress  calmly and collectedly ___________

  1. I am full of energy and raring to go ___________
  2. I am a reliable worker ___________
  3. I do not hold grudges and therefore forgives easily ___________
  4. I  usually generate enthusiasm among my friends and co-workers ___________
  5. I worry a lot even when I can do nothing about an event or situation ___________
  6. I have an active imagination that pushes me to action ___________
  7. I am very trusting towards my friends, family and people I work with ___________
  8. I am easily upset ___________
  9. I am assertive when I need something badly ___________

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