Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire

Personality diagnostic questionnaire is an array of neatly knit set of questions used to reveal the personality of an individual. The examinee in this type of questionnaire must be true to himself to get the maximum benefit out of this process. The answers are generally a simple YES or NO. Based on the answers, the assessor can fairly judge the personality of the concerned person. The following is a sample of such a questionnaire.

Sample Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire

Name of the examinee: ____________________________

Age: _____________

Sex: _____________

Date: __________________

The following questions needs to be answered as YES or NO.

1)   Does meeting new people makes you feel happy?

2)   Do you like helping people?

3)   Do you make mistakes often and you do realize that?

4)   Do you get disappointed easily?

5)   Do you like mending things?

6)   Do you possess a wide range of friends?

7)   Do you like organizing people?

8)   Do you feel relaxed easily?

9)   Do you search for variety in the work you do?

10)               Do you love to help people when they are in problem?

11)               Do you like to think out of the box?

12)               Do you possess lots of energy?

13)               Do you enjoy indulging in social activities?

14)               Do you come up with new ideas in any work you perform?

15)               Do you have the natural ability to understand things easily?

16)               Are you talkative?

17)               Do you get angry very rarely?

18)               Are you a conflict solver in your professional field?

19)               Do you always tend to probe deeper into a matter?

20)               Are you nervous before any big events?

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