Personality Analysis Questionnaire

A personality analysis questionnaire is a way of analyzing a person’s personality based on the responses given by him in the questionnaire. This questionnaire is usually used by recruiters for testing the personality of the job applicant. These types of questionnaires can also be taken by individuals themselves so as to know their personality.

Sample Personality Analysis Questionnaire

Name of the person taking the questionnaire: _________________

Contact number: ___________

Age: _______________

Sex: ______________

E mail id: ______________

Do you agree that you are stress tolerant?

a)      Strongly agree

b)      Agree

c)      Somewhat agree

d)     Disagree

How friendly are you in nature?

a)      Very friendly

b)      Friendly

c)      Somewhat friendly

d)     Not friendly at all

Which among the following descriptions suit your personality the most?

a)      Outgoing

b)      Open

c)      Reserved

d)     If other, please mention

How would you rate your level of perfection as a worker?

a)      Excellent

b)      Good

c)      Average

d)     Bad

e)      Terrible

Do you believe that your employer is able to rely on you because of your past work record?

a)      Strong believe

b)      Believe

c)      Somewhat believe

d)     Don’t believe at all

Do you agree that you are kind and helpful to others?

a)      Yes, I agree

b)      No, I don’t agree

Whom do you consider as your ideal?


Which personality trait of your ideal do you like the most?


Which personality trait of your ideal you do not like at all?


Is there anything about yourself that you wish to change?


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