Personal Brand Questionnaire

A personal brand questionnaire constitutes people who are promoted as brands. Personal branding is not just about a person or individual but includes clothing, body, personality, knowledge, and appearance contained within.

Personal Brand Questionnaire Sample

Name of the Person/ Individual___________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

City: ________________ State: ___________________  Zip: _________________

Telephone: ____________________  Fax: ____________________________

Website: ______________________________  Email: _______________________________

Q1. What are your personal brand long-term goals?


Q2. Which of the following category of personal brand are you?

a)   Employee brand

b)   Entrepreneur brand

c)   Consultant brand

Q3. Which of the following brand considerations have you made?

a)   Generating multiple revenue streams

b)   Social networking for visibility

c)   Celebrity brand equity

Q4. What are your primary personal branding objectives?


Q5. Which of the following personal brand characteristics have you established?

a)   Value

b)   Positioning

c)   Perception

d)   Image

e)   Class

f)    Distinction

Q6. Which of the following have you identified to promote personal brand?

a)   Your core values

b)   Your talents

c)   Your attributes

d)   Your niche or area of specialization

e)   Brand description

f)    Brand tag line

g)   Your mission statement

h)   Brand strategy

Q7. Which of the following aspects have you identified for brand packaging?

a)   Audience taste

b)   Signature style

c)   Fashion statement

d)   Authenticity

e)   Audience approach

f)    Positive impression

Q8. What is your current personal brand visibility?

a)   High

b)   Medium

c)   Low

d)   No visibility

Q9. Which of the following have you identified for brand planning?

a)   Banding checklist

b)   Marketing plan

c)   Financial plan

d)   Potential source of revenue

e)   Brand promotion activities

Q10. In which of the following community websites have you promoted your brand?

a)   Facebook

b)   Orkut

c)   MySpace

d)   Hi5

e)   Black Planet

f)    Xanga

g)   WAYN

h)   Friendster

i)     Bebo

j)    Reunion

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