Performance Appraisal Questionnaire

A performance appraisal questionnaire is done to evaluate an ongoing process or the persons who are involved in it. This questionnaire’s helps the higher management of an organization to take better steps and also to monitor the activities of its employees working at various levels of the company. The usage of this set of questions is not restricted to any particular domain or industry. This application caters to different industries and various areas of work.

Performance Appraisal Questionnaire Sample

Name of the person






Q1. What do you think is your key role towards the success of the company?

a.     You worked really hard in the last one year or so and ensured that everything is in proper place

b.     Your area of concern was grooming people so that they become better resources.

c.      Your prime work area was to manage people as a whole

Q2. How many training programs did you attended in the last year?

a. I attended all the training programs arranged by my company

b. I attended some of the training programs arranged by my particular circle of work

c. I did not attend any of the training programs as I was busy in the project work

d. I do not require any training. So did not attend any training program

Q3. How much percentage do you think you contributed towards the success of the company and your particular team?

a. I think my contribution was huge.

b. I think I did not contribute at all.

Q4. How do you rate your overall performance in last one year?

a. Good

b. Fair

c. Poor

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