Partnership Agreement Questionnaire

Partnership Agreement Questionnaire is one which is required to be filled in by the partners in a partnership firm. This questionnaire helps to settle the mutual agreement between the partners and their likeliness of following these in future. This questionnaire also helps in identifying the clauses in the partnership agreement that needs to be modified and not agreeable to any one of the partners. Check the given below sample of Partnership Agreement Questionnaire to understand the format of this questionnaire:

Sample Partnership Agreement Questionnaire

Name of the Partners                                                     _______________________________

Nature of partnership business                                  _______________________________

Date of the commencement of the partnership      _______________________________

Name of the bank used for all the partnership dealings as agreed by all the partners’                                _________________________________

Bank Account details                                                  ________________________________

What would be the period of this partnership        ________________________________

The profit share amongst the partners would be  _______________________________

Q1) What are the specific activities that each partner must perform in order to run the business smoothly?


Q2) What are the activities that each partner must not indulge in during the course of business activities?


Q3) What would be the mode of action taken in the partnership firm if the working partner suffers from any kind of serious illness?


Q4) What would be the mode of action if the partner suffers any permanent disability or death?


Q5) Can the partner retire or resign according to own wish?

a. Yes

b. No

Q6) Can the partner sell the partnership interest or share to some third party without obtaining the approval of other partners in the partnership firm?


Q7) Does any one partner have the right to sack the other partners?


Q8) Who will resolve the deadlock in case the partners are not able to settle their disputes?


Q9) Who will manage the day to day activities of the business in the normal course?


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