Online Web Questionnaire

An online web questionnaire is a set of questions used on the internet and sent to web users via email or available on the website in order to collect information about the views of the user in regards to the website. An online web questionnaire is a simple and easy way to gather information and the result of the questionnaire helps the owner of the website.

Sample Online Web Questionnaire

Name: ______________

Occupation: _______________

Address: Street address ___________  City ______________ State ___________ Zip code _________

Residential contact number: ______________

Mobile phone number: ______________

Office contact number: ______________

E mail id: __________________

Q1. How did you get to know about our website?

a)   Referred by a friend or relative

b)   By casual browsing

c)   From the search engine’

d)   From an advertisement

Q2.  What is the average number of hours you surf the net per week?

a)   Less than one hour

b)   Less than three hours

c)   Less than six hours

d)   More than six hours

Q3.  Are you regular on this website and if yes how often do you browse this website?


Q4. Have you purchased anything from the website?

a)   Yes, I have

b)    No, I never did

Q5. If answer to the above question is yes, what was your experience of purchasing from this website?

a)   Excellent

b)   Good

c)   Average

d)   Terrible

Q6.  Do you feel that the instructions given in the website are helpful?

a)   Strongly feel that it is helpful

b)   It somewhat helpful

c)   It is a bit complicated

d)   No, not helpful at all

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