Online Training Questionnaire

An online training questionnaire is built to assess the specific needs of a potential trainee. These questionnaires are immensely useful especially for training programs that deal with trainees from a diverse range of fields. They must be designed in a way that, through clear and precise questions, a suitable training program is constructed for an individual.

Sample Online Training Questionnaire

Name: ___________________________________

Current work: _____________________________

Age: ____________________________________

Email: ___________________________________

Q1: Why do you think that an online training program is best suited to your needs?

a)   Easy accessibility

b)   Comprehensive design

c)   Tailored to your needs

d)   Latest and updated

e)   Any other reason (please specify): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Q2: What are your primary areas if interest that this program will develop?


Q3: What do you consider the ideal duration for such a program?

a)   Six months

b)   A year

c)   More than a year

Q4: What are your specific expectations from this training program? What made you opt for it?


Q5: How do you intend to utilize the kind of training this program will equip you with?

a)   Switch fields

b)   Take on more challenges in your current stream

c)   Have not decided yet

Q6: How did you come to know about this training program?

a)   Through friends

b)   Word of mouth

c)   Through your office’s recommendations

d)   Any other way (please specify)

Q7: Would you have opted for this program if it was not online?

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   Not sure

Q8: Would you recommend any changes to the existing modules of this training program?

a)   Yes ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

b)   No

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