Online Tax Credit Questionnaire

An online tax credit questionnaire comprises of information that are related to saving tax for individuals. It consists of mainly personal information and questions pertaining to taxes and taxable income earned by a person in a given year. This type of questionnaire helps tax advisors to determine whether an individual is qualified for a tax credit or not.

Online Tax Credit Questionnaire Sample

Name: ________________________________

Age: ______ Sex: _______  Occupation: ______________________

Address: ______________________________________

City: ________________ State: ___________________  Zip: _________________

Telephone: ____________________  Fax: ____________________________

Email: _________________________  Social Security Number:______________________

Q1. Is this the first time you are paying tax?


Q2. For how many years have you been paying taxes?


Q3. Please provide the following tax details?

a)   Tax Number:

b)   Tax Id:

c)   Tax paid last year:

Q4. Which are the following professions are you in?

a)   Sales and Marketing

b)   Advertising

c)   IT

d)   Telecom

e)   Computers

f)    Business

g)   NGO

h)   Others (Pls Specify): __________________________-

Q5. Have you been claiming tax credit each year?

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   If yes, mention amount of credit claimed last year: ___________________-

Q6. Are you aware of your eligibility for a tax rebate within your tax credit slab?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q7. How do you file your tax every year?

a)   Using services of tax advisor

b)   Using services of tax consultant

c)   Using services of Chartered Accountant

d)   Filing tax myself

e)   Filing online

f)    Directly deducted from salary

Q8. How many times have you paid your taxes online?


Q9. Have you filed for tax credit online?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q10. How much credit have you claimed in the last 5 years?


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