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The popularization of the Internet in all circles of life including education has made online questionnaires to be part of the data collection tools. The best way to ensure that your questionnaire has all the necessary characteristics is to make sure you draw out the objectives. You need to know what you intend to find out so as to make your questions both qualitative and brief. This can be achieved by writing them in sequence and ensuring that there is no repetition. The respondent should remain anonymous and be able to feel comfortable divulging this information to you.

Sample Questionnaire

What is your education level? (Tick the correct answer)

High School Graduate__________




How old are you?

18 – 25 years

25 – 35 years

35 – 45 years

45 and above

What is your employment status?

Permanent Employee_____


Self employed____


What type of phone connection(s) do you have?




Don’t know____

How reliable is your phone connection?

Totally reliable______

Can do better_____

Not there when I need it______

Never reliable at all_______

What would you say is the cost of maintaining your phone connection compared to others?

Very expensive_____

Matches its reliability_____


Really cheap_____

How happy are you with the service that you get from your provider?

Very happy____


Fine compared to others_____

Not impressed_____

What bothers you most about the providers’ services?

Late Bills_______

Customer care _______

Connectivity issues______


Signal cover____

What keeps you loyal to the provider?

Free offers______


Great Signal coverage_____

Range of extra services____

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