Online Post Natal Depression Questionnaire

An online postnatal depression questionnaire is an effective way to know whether or not a person, specifically a woman is suffering from a post natal depression syndrome or not. Such questionnaires consist of multiple questions which are aimed at knowing view points of individuals for case studies and other purposes.

Sample online postnatal depression questionnaire

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Answer the following questions on postnatal depression:

Q1. Do you think you have experienced post natal depression at any point in your life?


Q2. After giving birth to a child, have you experienced the following? Tick on the ones which are applicable.

a)   Sadness

b)   Fatigue

c)   Restlessness

d)   Anger

e)   Crying episodes

f)    Aggressive nature

g)   Irritability

h)   Anxiety

i)     Changes in sleeping patterns

j)    Changed in eating patterns

k)   Reduced libido

l)     Weakness

Q3. Mention the symptoms which according to you are your postnatal symptoms?


Q4. Did you ever see a doctor for postnatal depression remedy?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5. For how long have you been suffering from these symptoms (if you have ticked more than 5 of the answers in Q2)


Q6. When did you start experiencing these symptoms?


Q7. Did you know straightaway that these symptoms were related with postnatal depression?


Q8. How did you deal with these symptoms?


Q9 Were there any patterns seen in these symptoms, like did they increase or decrease with time?


Q10. Did this effect your relationship with your child or family?


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