Online Mental Health Questionnaire

Mental health refers to an individual’s emotional well being and it is essential to lead a healthy life and fully enjoy all that life has to offer. Online Mental health questionnaire tests you on a concrete set of parameters and analysis of the answers helps make conclusions about the individual’s mental state.

Sample online Mental Health Questionnaire

Name: ______________________

Sex: _________________________

Marital Status: __________________

Age: ___________________

Occupation: _____________________

Hobbies: ____________________

Kindly answer the following Questions:

1. Do you suffer from hair problems like hair loss etc.?

a. Yes

b. No

2. Do you have frequent headaches? How frequent and how long do they generally last?


3. Is it hard to manage close relationships like friends, family or other loved ones? (e.g. do you get into unnecessary fights over small issues)


4. Do you have irregular sleep timing or sleep for short hours or have a light sleep?


5. Is it difficult for you to focus on a single problem at hand?(Personal or professional)


6. How often do you go out with friends or attend social get-togethers/ dos?


7. Do you enjoy going out for such events or functions or are you just fulfilling a social obligation or doing so to keep your others off your back?


8. Do you experience an unexplained urge to lie when asked a question?

a. Never

b. Yes, at times its funny

c. Yes, almost always.

9. Are you tempted to steal something when you it puts in a difficult place and create problems for you or somebody close to you on getting caught?


10. Does it happen that you completely forget about a task you were suppose to do even after you were reminded repeatedly?


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