Online Learning Styles Questionnaires

Online learning styles questionnaire is usually contains questions to find out how effective various learning styles are to students. Participants are required to fill the questionnaire and submit it online. It is mostly used by learning institutions to gauge the effectiveness of education tools used in the curriculum.

Online learning styles questionnaire usually consist of close ended questions with multiple choice options for the respondent. It takes quite a short time to fill out this questionnaire.

As shown below, an academic institution could create an online learning styles questionnaire that looks like this:

Sample Online Learning Styles Questionnaires

1.Do you consider yourself

Realistic __

Innovative __

2.You consider yourself

Outgoing __

Reserved __

3.You would rather get new information presented

Verbally __

Written form __

Pictures __

4.You prefer doing your studies

Individually __

In a study group __

With a friend __

5.You are more likely to remember

What you read __

What you see __

What you hear __

6.You prefer courses that contain more

Facts and data __

Concepts and theories __

7.When a diagram is discussed in class, you are more likely to remember

The diagram __

The instructor’s explanation about the diagram __

You will not remember anything __

8.You consider course outlines

Very helpful __

Somehow helpful __

Not helpful __

9.In your study group you prefer

The group brainstorming ideas first __

Brainstorm ideas individually first __

8. If you were to visit a new location, you would rather get directions from

A map __

Written instructions __

Verbal instructions __

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  1. k.soni says:

    i’m student doing a research in agriculture. my topic is “HOW TO ENGAGE FARMER IN FARMING” can you give some sample questionnaire & what are rules to write questionnaire.


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