Online Dating Questionnaire

Online dating has become very popular because of the increase in the number of Internet users in the world. There are many online dating sites that one can become a member on the Internet. Online dating questionnaires are used by such sites for the purpose of obtaining information from their members or prospective members. Online dating questionnaires include questions that when answered the site managers are able to obtain the required information in order to match people with the right partners.

First Name                        Middle name                       Last Name

__________                   ____________             _______________



Email address





Male   ______               Female _______

Height ____       Color of eyes ___

Profession ____

I am interested in —

Men ____

Women ____

Both ____

I am looking to find __

Friends —-

Partner __

Lover —-

Soul mate ___

(Please answer the following questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’)

Are you a member of this online dating site?


Would you like to become a member?


Are you physically fit?


Do you have any serious medical condition?


Are you in a serious relationship at the moment?


Are you willing to submit a full size photo of yourself to place alongside your details on this site?


Do you want to be contacted directly or through the site by interested people?


What are your hobbies? ______________________________________________


What is your idea of a good date?


In a few words can you describe the person that you are interested in meeting on this dating site?


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