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The advancement of technology has made the internet the most popular place where people seek information when it comes to careers. People seek information on career choice, development and assessment. Online career questionnaires are questionnaires on careers that are found on the Internet. The questions asked help in determining what the right career choice is and whether one is in the right path as far as their career is concerned. Online career questionnaires are designed to be filled online and access to the Internet is compulsory.


First name                        Middle name                   Last name

______________           _______________            _____________


Below 18 _____

18-24       _____

24-45        _____

Above 45   _____


High school graduate   ________

Graduate ___________

Post graduate ________

Other   ________

You love

  1. vii.      Sciences  _____
  2. viii.      Arts     _____
  3. ix.      Not sure _____

What are your hobbies?


Which talents do you have?


You work best in an environment  (you can choose more than one answer)

  1. vii.      with interesting and friendly people
  2. viii.      in a calm and quiet place _____
  3. ix.      in a lab alone _____
  4. x.      outdoors with view of nature ____
  5. xi.      with strict deadlines to be met   ______
  6. xii.      with little supervision so that I can work with my creativity ____

If you were to describe yourself, you would say that you are (You can tick more than one)

  1. xiv.      Outgoing  _____
  2. xv.      Creative   _____
  3. xvi.      Analytical  ____
  4. Shy     _____
  5. Reserved   _____
  6. xix.      Organized  _____
  7. xx.      Confident  _____
  8. xxi.      Emotional  ______
  9. artistic

Reserved   _____

  1. xiii.      Organized _____


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