Occupational Personality Questionnaire

Working in a service oriented industry requires you to be courteous and have a good rapport with everyone you meet. These people skills are nurtured in time based on the number of people you deal with. In order for you to gain entry into this kind of career, a firm has to review your personality. They are able to do this through a series of questions that are meant to gauge your behavior under the circumstances that your job exposes you to. This document is referred to as an occupational personality questionnaire. A sample questionnaire is as shown below.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Job applied for: ________________________________________________________________

What would you do if your superior asked you to do something that you are not cut out to do? (Tick the appropriate answer)

Tell him/her outright that it is not your duty________

Ask someone with knowledge to assist________

Assign the job to someone who can________

Ignore his instructions and do what you are paid to do________

What would you do if two superiors gave you different instructions within the same period?

Do the work requested by the most superior________

Do the work requested by the one you feel close to________

Request the second superior for more time and explain that you had been given more work________


What would you do if a superior reprimanded you for what you felt was unreasonable grounds?

Explain to him/her that the reprimand was unnecessary________

Accept the reprimand and proceed with your duty________

Find the person responsible and take issue with them________


What would you do if a client declined your help, preferring your colleague?

Ask your colleague to send him/her back to you________

Find out from your colleague why he/she did that________

Reprimand the client________


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