Nursing Stress Scale Questionnaire

A nursing stress scale questionnaire is a written set of questions which are distributed amongst those people who belong to the profession of nursing. The aim behind framing such questionnaires is to know and analyse the level or scale of stress amongst nurses and other employees of the nursing unit of a medical centre. Given below is a sample of a nursing stress scale questionnaire which can be used by you for reference.

Sample Nursing Stress Scale Questionnaire:

Name of the respondent:

Age of the respondent:

Gender of respondent:

Email address of respondent:

Contact number of respondent:

Address of the respondent:

What are the timings of your work shift?

Kindly answer all the questions that have been given below as a part of the nursing stress scale survey.

Q1. Does the profession of nursing bring stress and pressure in your life?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q2. According to you, what are the main reasons for your stress caused by your profession?

a)   The long and tiring working hours

b)   The overload of work and duties

c)   Pressure of working in a sad and dark environment

d)   Pressure from doctors

e)   If any other reason (please specify)

Q3. If you are a victim of stress, then on the scale of ten, how would you rate your level of stress where 0 is no stress and 10 is high stress?

a)   0-3

b)   3-6

c)   6-9

d)   10

Q4. Based on your previous answer, what are the ways through which you reduce the stress scale?

Q5. Are these methods useful or beneficial?

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