Nursing Stress Questionnaire

A nursing stress questionnaire is a set of written questions which are a part of a survey which is conducted to evaluate the stress levels amongst nurses. These types of questionnaires help organisation to known the reasons behind the stress in the profession of nursing. The questions can be either subjective or objective in nature and must be precise. Given below is a sample of a nursing stress questionnaire.

Sample Nursing Stress Questionnaire:

Name of the respondent:

Age of the respondent:

Gender of respondent:

Email address of respondent:

Contact number of respondent:

Address of respondent:

What segment of nursing do you work for/in?

Given below are a few questions. Please answer all the questions in the spaces given.

Q1. How long have you been working as a nurse?

Q2. How many hours in a day do you do your duty?

Q3. How many days in a week do you work for as a nurse?

Q4. Do you face some kind of a stress due to your job?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5. If yes, then what is the reason for your stress? Pick the appropriate following choices.

a)   Long working hours

b)   Overload of work and pressure

c)   Tension at workplace

d)   Working in a depressing environment

e)   Because of seeing patients and their pain each day

f)    Other(please specify)

Q6. What measures do you take to release yourself from the stress? Explain.

Q7.According to you, what changes should be brought about in this profession to release the stress or reduce stress levels?



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