New Employee Questionnaire

A new employee questionnaire is designed to enable management follow up on the progress of a new employee. The new employee is required to fill in this questionnaire and offer information. It helps the organization gauge the orientation as well as the new employee’s ability to adapt to the organization’s policies.

Sample New Employee Questionnaire

Employee’s Name ________________________

Job title ________________________________

Date Hired ______________________________

I understand the purpose of my position

* Strongly disagree

* Disagree

* Agree

* Strongly Agree

The most important part of your job is


You report directly to _________________

Your immediate supervisor reports directly to ____________________

Your performance will be measured using


Your performance would be evaluate _________________ number of times in a year

You would like to know more about _________________________________________________________________

Use the following key to answer the following questions:

* Satisfactory

* Very satisfactory

* Adequate

* Poor

Information provided during your orientation was ________________________

Your supervisor’s contribution to your orientation was ___________________

Your mentor’s contribution to your orientation was _________________________

In your opinion which part of the orientation program best meets the needs of your job?


Are you prepared to handle problem solutions?  _________________________________

Do you feel prepared to handle your supervisor’s problems?  _____________________________________________________________________

Did the orientation process prepare you to understand the parameters of your position?  ______________________________________________

Do you know your co-workers?  __________________________________

Do you know the rules and regulations of the organization? ___________________

Do you know where to go for the different types of challenges you will face? ______________________________________

Are you familiar with what your co-workers do?  ______________________________

Do you understand the conditions of your employment?  __________________________

What more would like to know about the organization? _________________________

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