Motivation Questionnaire

Motivation is an important aspect of life because it determines an individual’s willingness, passion and drive. Motivation is essential for any area of life, whether personal or professional. A motivation questionnaire is used to assess an individual’s level of motivation and how then it can be boosted or even maintained.

Sample Motivation Questionnaire

Please answer yes or no to the following statements.

I understand what motivation is __________________

I believe that constant provision of feedback is essential ______________

I listen to the people I work with and give them a chance to air their views _________________________________

I project a caring attitude towards other people ______________________

My goals in life have been clearly formulated _____________________

I am determined to build beneficial relationships with the people I interact with ___________________

I am creative and always eager to try new things _______________________

I enjoy letting people know when they have performed a task well ___________________________________

I constantly complement people _________________________

I try to encourage people whenever I can _________________

I appreciate constructive criticism ______________________

I respect other people’s opinions ________________

I would like to receive more motivation ________________

I take time to consult with other people __________________

I believe in teamwork ______________________

Before anyone can motivate me, I motivate myself _______________

I do not rely on other people to motivate me; I am self driven ____________________________

Some of the individuals in my life that I would like to receive more motivation from include: ______________________________________

I get motivated in the following ways ___________________________


I motivate people in the following ways _________________________


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