Medical Training Questionnaire

A medical training questionnaire is used for identifying and measuring the quality of medical training being offered to post graduate or medical students and staff.

Sample Medical Training Questionnaire:

Name of the medical student/staff: __________________________________

Phone: ____________________  Email id:____________________________

Q1. Which according to you is the impact of the training environment on medical staff and students?


Q2. Does the current medical training offer a supportive training climate?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q3. Does the current medical training cover the various aspects of study that you had enrolled for?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q4. Which of the following basic sciences were covered in your medical training program?

a)   Anatomy

b)   Physiology

c)   Biochemistry

d)   Pharmacology

e)   Pathology

f)    All of the above

Q5. Which of the following areas of clinical medicine has been covered in your medical training program?

a)   Internal medicine

b)   Pediatrics

c)   Obstetrics

d)   Gynecology

e)   Psychiatry

f)    Surgery

g)   All of the above

Q6. Is your medical training program classroom based or online?


Q7. If you underwent an online medical training schedule then which of the following online systems was used?

a)   Learning management systems

b)   Virtual learning environments

c)   Both

d)   Neither

Q8. Which of the following medical training programs have you opted for?

a)   Vocational Nursing Program

b)   Psychiatric Technician Program

c)   Ultrasound Technology Program

d)   MRI Technology Program

e)   Radiologic Technology Program

f)    Dental Hygienist Program

g)   Licensed Practitioner Nursing Program

h)   Massage Therapist Program

i)     Alternative Medicine Programs

j)    Orthodontic Programs

k)   Others (Please Specify): ______________________________

Q9. What would be your suggestion towards improving the current medical training programs?


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