Marriage Questionnaire

Marriage questionnaire is a series of questions which is used to analyze relationships and compatibility between couples who are going to get married. These questionnaires are carried out by marriage councilors who interview the couples. This is done with the aim of finding out possible scopes of conflict in later married life and taking steps to prevent them. Marriage councilors may carry out such questionnaires either with both the partners together or individually one at a time.

Marriage Questionnaire Sample

Name:               ___________________________________________

Address:    _____________________________________________________

Age:          __________________  Occupation:                ____________________

Email:               __________________  Telephone:         ____________________

Please answer the following questions individually without consulting with your partner

  1. How long had you been dating each other?


  1. Are you able to talk to your partner without any fear of judgment, criticism or embarrassment? Explain briefly.


  1. Do you receive compliments, appreciation and inspiration from your partner when you seek the same?


  1. What are the qualities that make you like your partner?


  1. What are the qualities in your partner that annoys/bothers you?


  1. What is the role of physical attractiveness in your relationship?


  1. Are you aware of your partner’s family and friend circle? Do you feel comfortable with them?


  1. Are you aware of your partner’s financial condition, wealth, assets, debts and insurances?


  1. Had you been in relationship before? If yes then why do you think it did not work out?


  1. What would be the top three priorities in your married life?

a)    ________________________________________________________

b)    _______________________________________________________

c)     __________________________________________________________

  1. Do you plan to have children? If yes then how many? How many years would you like to wait before having children?


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