Marketing Management Questionnaire

Marketing management questionnaire is planned according to the sales strategies of the company. Such a questionnaire plays a vital role to measure the failures, preparing effective marketing policies and implementing them with necessary technology. However, sales & marketing departments are associated with each other, whereas the marketing management works as a fuel to boost the sale of particular products and goods. Hence, a marketing management questionnaire is filled by the concerned department by taking care of all available resources.

Sample Marketing Management Questionnaire:

Name of the department: ___________________

Head of the department: _____________________

Date of questionnaire: ______/ ____/____

Q1: Do you think that marketing management plays an important role in success of an organisation?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure, may be

Q3: Which of the following is the core interest for this marketing management program?

  • Generating more profits by enhancing the sales
  • Boosting the name of the particular brand
  • Managing the network with exciting partners
  • Improving the supplying and purchasing network

Q4: Does the company need to recruit more staff for implementing the policies?

  • Yes
  • No

Q5: What is the estimated duration to complete the management programs for achieving the above mentioned outcomes?


Q5: Explain if there in any risk associated with this marketing management program?


Q6: What technology the marketing management staff is planning to implement to complete the program?


Q7: Explain the other resources required to initiate this project?

Q8. What is the expected cost to be incurred in this marketing management program?

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