Market Survey Questionnaire

A market survey questionnaire should be precise so that you get the information that is very relevant. Whatever market you are interested in, it is difficult to get the opinion of everyone within that specific market. So you should use various samples that make up the market. The best way to do this is using a market survey questionnaire because you can easily distribute questionnaires in public places and have many people answer questions quickly, allowing you to compile information extremely fast when analyzing answers later. Below is an example of a market survey questionnaire.

Sample Market Survey Questionnaire

Tick the answers in the spaces below:

The subject market is very large in comparison to other markets.

Strongly agree: _____ Agree: _____ Disagree: ______ strongly disagree: ______

State the age group you wish to get the best information.

Under 15 yrs: _____ 16- 18 yrs: _____ 18- 25 yrs: ______ 25 yrs: ______

How would you describe the subject market? __________

What differentiates the market from other markets? _________

Which places will you use to gather candidates for your sample market?

Schools: ________ Shopping centers: _______ Parks: _______

Homes: ________ Hospitals: ________ Entertainment spots: ________

Random locations: ________ Places of Business: ________ Other (specify): ________

What market segments do you think would be most helpful in your survey?

Age groups: ________ Gender: _______ Occupation: _______

Income: ________ Location: ________ Other (specify): ________

How many people should be used in a survey? __________

How do you ensure a quality survey? ___________

Do you have a systematic way of carrying out the survey? _______

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