Market Segmentation Questionnaire

The market segmentation questionnaire is a document which contains certain questions which have been designed and employed to gather information about how a certain market has been divided in reference to the market shares/ territories and product kinship. The questionnaire can be used by any firm existing in the market or hoping to enter it, in analyzing the market segmentation and plan their course of action accordingly thus using the resources at their disposal to maximize their profits. The questions are aimed at the customers.

Sample Market Segmentation Questionnaire

Name: ______________________________

Age: ____________________

Sex: ____________________

Occupation: ____________________

Qualifications: ____________________

Contact details: ____________________

Kindly answer the following questions:

1. How often do you shop for furniture and other interiors of the house?

2. Are there any specific or preferred sellers where you like shopping for your needs?

3. What are the types of items (in furniture and decorative pieces) you shop for the most?

4. Kindly mention the characteristics or features that act as deciding factors in the items you purchase?

5. How important is innovation in furniture designing? Kindly mention the names of any current firms you believe match your expectations.

6. Would you say the existing companies/ sellers fair well on the component of providing ample variety of items for choice?

a. Yes

b. Sort of but not exactly

c. No

7. Are there any geographical divisions in the furniture markets for your state? If yes, which segment you find fairs better than others and why?

8. Is there a monopoly according to you in the furnishing sector according to you? Mention.

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