Market Research Survey Questionnaire

The market research survey questionnaire is framed to help a firm or any company in analyzing the status of the market they operate in and locating the potential problem areas. The questions can help them realize the points where the service is efficient and where it seems to lack and hence cause a lag between the company and its customers. These types of questionnaire prove to be very helpful to get first hand information of the customers.

Sample Market Research Survey Questionnaire






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Please answer the following questions:

1. How often do you shop for durables?

a. Often, specify ____________

b. Rarely,

c. Never,

d. Others specify ___________

2. Are there any specific occasions or reasons that lead you to shop for durables? Mention.

3. Do the products available in the market at the current time meet all your requirements?

a. Yes,

b. No.

4. If no, then kindly specify what you feel is lacking form the current marketing scene when it comes to selling durables.

5. What amongst the durable items is the most sorts after item according to you?

6. Do you believe that the after sales services provided by the sellers are satisfactory?

a. Yes,

b. No.

7. How fair do you believe is the customer handling in reference to existing entities?

8. Are there any specific problem areas (according to you, if any) that you believe must be brought fore and dealt with the manufacturers and providers of durables. Please specify.



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