Market Research Questionnaire

Market research questionnaires are an effective way to gauge the market.  They are popularly used for gathering information about products and services available in the market.  Designing them requires a systematic approach and planning.

Before designing market research questionnaires, it is important to know your target audience for getting the sample.  The next step would be to administer the questionnaire to a significant number of people.  This is important as it assures you of unbiased results which have a valid significance.

Market research questionnaires can have different types of questions.  Questions can be either dichotomous (having only two choices e.g. Yes/No) or multiple choice ones.  They can also be based on importance, rating, bipolar choices, buying power, etc.  One can use a combination of these types and aim to get the desired information.

It is important to keep questions simple and short, as most people do not like to fill-in lengthy questionnaire forms.  It is especially important not to ask leading or hypothetical questions, as the answers may not give you accurate data for analysis at the end.  Questions should have clear and objective options for better analysis.

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