Market Research Questionnaire Format

A market research questionnaire format is a sample, which basically lays down the foundation for creating the questionnaire. The primary objective is to help organizations and various agencies in formulating the market research questionnaire that will aid them in meeting their objectives.

Sample Market Research Questionnaire Format:

Name: ____________________________ [Name of the participant]

Address:___________________________________ [Home Address of the participant]

Gender: _____________________ [Gender of the participant (M/F)]

Age: ___________________ [Age of the participant]

Email:______________________________ [Email Address of the participant]

First Question: [The First question can be in the form of yes-no or polar questions or can be in the form of agreement/disagreement questions. These questions should focus on the participant’s awareness regarding a specific product, brand, service, or organization. Questions that would be most appropriate include: Have you heard about “xyx” product? Or have you used any “xyx” product in the recent past?]

Second Question: [The second question should focus on the various products or services that the participant has used or purchased in the recent past. This will provide the organization conducting the research with a clear idea of how popular their products are or what is the customer or geographical reach. Questions can be like: which of the following “xyx” products have you purchased in the last 6 months?]

Third Question: [The third category of questions can be in the form of multiple choice or simple yes-no. The idea is to find out from the participant, what they feel after using the “xyx” product. This category should also focus on areas of customer service, pricing of products, and measure the satisfaction index of the customer. Questions should be like: Are you satisfied with the customer service? Or Do you think a warranty of 2 years is appropriate for the “xyx” product?]

Fourth Question: [The fourth and final category of questions need to be customer centric as well and ask the customer about bad experiences and good experiences with the “xyx” product or the customer service or any other aspect or attribute related to the product or organization. You can form questions like: List the 5 most memorable experiences of dealing with the organization?]

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