Market Mapping Questionnaire

A market mapping questionnaire is a document which contains questions that pertain to the existing market conditions in a product sector or segment. The questions help a firm operating in the consumer goods market sector in collecting information to analyze the status of variables that are important for the market to function smoothly. This analysis can be utilized to get closer look at the existing problems and the solution to the problems.

Sample Market Mapping Questionnaire




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Kindly answer the following questions:

1. What according to you is the most important segment or section of the consumer goods industry?

2. What do you believe is missing from the current market scene in the consumer goods section?

3. Do you believe that current products meet all the requirements of the consumer goods sector?

4. What change would you like to bring in the goods provided at the current time in the markets?

5. Do you find the services to be satisfactory and appropriate?

6. How efficient in your mind, is the mechanism for checking the satisfaction of the consumer once the goods have been sold?

7. What improvements would you suggest, to be brought about in the follow up services for the consumer goods?

8. If asked for a review rating, how do the present firms fair in the meeting the needs of the consumer market segment?

9. Kindly make any other suggestions if you have to improve the functioning and the situation in the consumer goods market?

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