Manchester Personality Questionnaire

The Manchester Personality Questionnaire is aimed to evaluate the various personality traits of any individual. It is a measure of achievement, agreeability, extroversion, creativity and resilience. The results of this questionnaire are indexed. They are then included in various surveys and tests that are required to determine the employability of an individual. Such a sample questionnaire has been prepared and given below. The questionnaire maybe modified according to the requirement of the concerned authorities.

Sample Manchester Personality Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions in brief:

1)   You are about to submit your article to be published in the school magazine. But the last date for accepting the submission is over by just a day. How do you deal with the situation and get your article submitted in the school office?


2)   You are in college and a treasurer of the organization team of the yearly fest. A very vast amount of money went unaccounted for and you don’t anything about it. Now what will you do?


3)   Suppose, you have recently joined an office. You see your immediate senior cheating in a way that could bring a bad reputation for you. But you cannot confront him directly, as he has the capability of getting you fired. What do you do now?


4)   You have boarded a very crowded bus. You see a very dirty looking man trying to take out the purse from the bag of a woman. As a daily passenger, you know that this pick-pocket is very dangerous and carries a knife. What do you do?


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