Manager Feedback Questionnaire

A manager feedback questionnaire is a questionnaire which helps to get the feedback from a manager on various different issues. Such a questionnaire is used as a communication tool and is valuable to measure the managerial skills.

Sample Manager Feedback Questionnaire:

Name of the manager: ______________

Date of filling the questionnaire: ______

Name of the department: ___________

  1. Are you filling this feedback form for the first time?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure
  • More than a year
  • More than two years
  • More than five years
  • More than ten years
    • More than 5 members
    • More than 10 members
    • More than 15 members
  • Yes. I am sure
  • Sure
  • I think so
  • Not sure
  • Very effective
  • Somehow effective
  • Not much effective
  • Not sure
    • Yes. Once
    • Twice
    • Thrice
    • Never
    • Many times
    • Brilliant
    • Very good
    • Good
    • Not very effective
    • Not sure
    • Yes
    • I want to reappoint some team members
    • No
  1. Since how long are you serving this organisation?
  1. How many members are there in your team?
  1. How would you mark your managerial skills?
    • 10. Excellent
    • 9. Very good
    • 8. Good
    • 7. Fair
  1. Do you think your team is satisfied with your behaviour?
  1. Are you efficient in developing new team strategies?
  1. Have you ever encountered with some issue with any of your subordinates?
  1. How effective are you in applying new policies?
  1. Would you like to continue with the same team?

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