Management Training Questionnaire

A management training questionnaire is used for assessment of an aspiring management trainee with regards to their educational knowledge and what they aspire to become. This type of questionnaire is also used for receiving feedback regarding specific management training

Sample Management Training Questionnaire:

Name of the student/management trainee: __________________________________

Phone: ____________________  Email id:____________________________

Q1. How would you like to describe your management training program?

a)   It covers all aspects of management

b)   Briefly covers various management areas

c)   Is well defined

d)   Defined with stress on specific areas

e)   Defined narrowly

Q2. Is the current management training program aligned to your requirements?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q3. How far has this management training program been able to identify your training needs?

a)   Completely identified

b)   Somewhat identified

c)   Not identified completely

d)   Not identified at all

Q4. What objectives have been achieved by this management training program?


Q5. Did your management training program cover the following areas?

a)   Leadership skills

b)   Team Management

c)   Strategy tools

d)   Decision making

e)   Problem solving

f)    Project management

g)   Time management

h)   Stress management

i)     Communication skills

j)    All of the above

k)   Some of the above (specify): ____________________________

Q6. Which of the following focused areas were covered in your management training program?

a)   Operations Management

b)   Advanced Management

c)   Soft Management Skills

d)   Finance

e)   Human Resources

f)    Public Relations

g)   Telecommunications

Q7. This management training program is beneficial for which of the following?

a)   Newly appointed managers

b)   Management Executives

c)   Management trainees

d)   Supervisors

e)   Middle level managers

f)    Senior level managers

g)   All of the above

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