Can we Make Money from Paid Surveys

Many people wonder can we make money from paid survey’s and the good news is that people can actually earn some extra money by simply providing their opinions. By participating in surveys that are carried out by reputable companies, it is possible to get paid for actively responding to surveys.

In response to the issue of can we make money from paid survey’s, anyone who has some time to spare should take advantage of this opportunity and earn money conveniently from home. Aside from the emphasis on can we make money from paid survey’s, paid surveys are often fun and people’s responses contribute to the development of innovative products as well as various aspects of research. Companies understand that time is money and they are willing to pay people for their time as long as they participate in the surveys.

Sample Can we Make Money from Paid Surveys

The following is a sample paid survey questionnaire that covers the issue of leadership.

Name ____________________

Email Address ____________________

Location ____________________

Gender ____________________

Profession ____________________

Salary Range ____________________

My knowledge of leadership is

  1. Poor
  2. Average
  3. Good
  4. Excellent

My knowledge of leadership is derived from

  1. Personal experience
  2. internet
  3. Television
  4. Interaction with others

I believe that leadership is

  1. Essential
  2. Learnt
  3. Not important
  4. Not sure

Leadership is for

  1. People with high levels of education
  2. People who are well connected
  3. People who have potential
  4. All kinds of people

Answer True or False for the following questions

My organization has a leadership program


My organization chooses leaders on merit


I have served in a leadership capacity


I am happy with the leaders in my group


There are some people who I feel should be leaders


I interact freely with leaders in the organization


I have what it takes to be a leader


I understand how people attain their positions of leadership


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