Luxury Brand Questionnaire

Almost everyone would like to possess luxury brands. But our affordability depends on our income level and our needs. One is also influenced by peers who buy luxury brands and more often than not are used as status symbols. Luxury Brand Questionnaire unearths few of the myths about luxury brands and helps firms make products that cater to different needs of different set of people.

Luxury Brand Questionnaire Sample:

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Q1. All luxury brands are of good quality.

a)   Agree

b)   Disagree

c)   Can’t say

Q2. You like to buy luxury brands because

a)   You can afford them

b)   You can boast of possessing them

c)   They are of good quality

d)   Your friends also buy them

e)   Other _________________________________________

Q3. Are you price sensitive when it comes to buying luxury brands?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q4. I trust online shopping of luxury products

a)   Mostly

b)   Never

c)   Sometimes

Q5. Which luxury brands do you like to have?


Q6. Whose opinion do you seek while buying luxury brands?

a)   Family

b)   Friends

c)   Experts

d)   Internet

e)   None

f)    Other _______________________________________________

Q7. Which of the following holds true according to you?

a)   Luxury brands have good after sales service

b)   Luxury brands are long-lasting

c)   Luxury brands have superior quality

d)   Luxury brands look really impressive

e)   Other ___________________________________

Q8. Which category of luxury brands do you buy?

a)   Furniture

b)   Electronic goods

c)   Apparels

d)   Footwear

e)   Other ______________________________

Q9. Do you compare shops or websites while purchasing luxury brands?

a)   Yes

b)   No

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